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Monday, June 8, 2009

Roseanne Television Series

Roseanne Television Series
Roseanne it is an American television series played on the 18th of October 1988 and ended on the 20th of May 1997. Roseanne Television series was created by Matt Williams and it has nine seasons with 222 episodes. It starred Roseanne Barr, a stand-up comedian.

The series follows the lives of the Conner family headed by Roseanne, a bossy, loud, and dominant wife and mother to her husband and children but even if she' like that she's a loving mother and wife who works hard and makes time to her family. Her husband was Dan who loves her so much even if she's bossy, loud and dominating him still he has his own strong personality that keeps Roseanne's limitations over him. They were joined by Marjorie, Roseanne's younger sister, and their children namely Rebecca, Darlene, David, and Jerry.


-- Roseanne knew by age three that she was going to be a comic and have her own show. She would entertain her family on Friday evenings when they would gather in her grandmother's apartment for Sabbath dinner. The reaction she received convinced her she was indeed the Center of the Universe, which she still believes to this day.

Roseanne produced, wrote, directed and starred in annual neighborhood plays and shows at the Junior High School. She felt fulfilled until she suddenly realized at age 16 she was still living in Utah. By the time she was 18, she had moved to the mountains of Colorado and lived in an artists' colony. In 1976, Roseanne became a part-time member of the work force. She was employed as a window dresser and then as a cocktail waitress.



Brother: Ben Barr
openly gay, outed by Roseanne; executive director of the Utah AIDS Foundation

Daughter: Brandi Brown
given up for adoption c. 1971; met each other again after approximately 18 years

Daughter: Jennifer Pentland
born c. 1976

Daughter: Jessica Pentland
born c. 1975; reportedly admitted to an alcohol abuse recovery center in 1989

Father: Jerry Barr
Roseanne claimed "My father molested me until I left home at age 17" at a conference of sexual abuse victims on September 21, 1991 in Denver; father denied charges

sold crucifixes and 3-D pictures of Jesus

Mother: Helen Barr
at a conference of sexual abuse victims held in Denver on September 21, 1991 Roseanne said "My mother molested me as a small child"; in PEOPLE magazine Arnold wrote, "My mother abused me from the time I was an infant until I was 6 or 7 years old . . . She hurt me psychologically and physically"; mother denied charges

Sister: Geraldine Barr
filed a $70.3 million suit against Roseanne in December 1991, claiming she helped create her sister's "domestic goddess" character and the "Roseanne" character on the hit TV series; an open lesbian

Sister: Stephanie Barr

Companion: Johnny Argent
met when he submitted songs to her via internet; four years older than Roseanne; dating since 2002

QOUTED PLOT : Roseanne endured a Dickensian childhood of parental abuse, a near-fatal car accident and confinement in a mental home. She drifted into prostitution, marriage, motherhood and waiting tables all the while honing her sharp observations and comic persona.


Blogger Faith Cooper said...

At last, this television show drama has been released in DVD movie set and I will now enjoy each tv series that I missed.

August 10, 2009 at 8:22 PM  

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