timeless movies and tvshows review timeless movies and tvshows review timeless movies and tvshows review
timeless movies and tvshows review timeless movies and tvshows review timeless movies and tvshows review
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Friday, August 17, 2007

Beauty and The Beast - Timeless Movie

Beauty and The beast Poster
Once upon a time in a far away land, In a beautiful castle lived a very handsome and rich prince named Gaston where all his heart desire came true, but despite of everything he has. Unkind, spoiled and selfish man live in his heart until one day a ragged lady came to his castle ask for a shelter in the prince castle in return of a single red rose but instead of letting the beggar came in. he refused it. A ragged lady change to a beautiful fairy where he curse the prince to be an ugly Beast that only a liss from a true lover can change back his real appearance. The Enchantress left him with only a magic mirror to see the outside world, and the rose she had offered, which was truly enchanted. The rose would bloom for many years, but if the Prince did not learn to love another, and earn another’s love in return before the last rose petal fell, the spell would remain unbroken, and he would remain a Beast forever.

Who believe in destiny that a one man reserved in a one women. Unbelieveble that one day a destiny crossed with his path, until a merchant named Maurice father of three daughter one of them is Belle, One year, the Merchant was preparing to set off on a trip with the caravans to town to sell his wares, and asked his daughters what they most wanted as souvenirs from the town. The two oldest asked for fancy dresses and perfumes, but Beauty could name nothing. When her father pressed her for an answer, she asked if he might find her a single rose, and with that request he departed. But He had traveled to the town but the market was poor, and was unable to acquire any of the goods he had hoped would help them through the winter. And decided to leave, and got lost.

As he passed through the grounds again he spied a garden rich with flowers. Hoping to at least procure a gift for his youngest daughter, he plucked a single red rose. A great roaring ensued, and a beast unlike anything he had seen rose before him, demanding to know why he had stolen from the garden after the hospitality he had been offered. The Beast said the merchant would pay for his crime with his life.

The merchant trembled in fear and begged for mercy, saying he had three daughters at home who would surely starve without him, and the rose had been meant as a gift. The Beast relented and said that the merchant might live if he sent the youngest daughter to the castle in his stead to keep the Beast company. The merchant, terrified, agreed and then fled the castle.

On the eighth night she dreamt that she walked the halls of the castle again but that it had grown dark and cold. She heard the Beast's voice saying "You forgot your promise, Beauty.". Waking, she remembered the Beast and rushed back to the castle in a gathering storm. She found the castle as she had dream it, and the Beast nowhere to be found.

Finally she found him in the garden, collapsed and still. She cried over his body, pleading for him to get up as she loved him and did not want him to die.

The beast stirred, and let out one large breath that sent the rose petals spinning around him. When they settled, he was gone but a handsome young man stood in his place. Beauty asked him who he was, and a familiar voice answered, saying that he had been the Beast, once a prince, who had been cursed to live as an animal until a maiden should love him despite his appearance. He asked if she would still marry him in his human form, and she agreed for she truly loved him, and they lived happily ever after.