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timeless movies and tvshows review timeless movies and tvshows review timeless movies and tvshows review
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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Classic Fairytale : A Cinderella Story

Another teen romance movie “ A Cinderella Story ” starred by Hilary Duff and Chad Murray. The story patterned to the classical fairytale story Cinderella, just like in fairytale. Samantha 'Sam' (Hilary) as Cinderella, having cruel life with her plastic-surgery-obsessed stepmother Fiona and her two clumsy stepsisters Brianna and Gabriella, after her father died from North ridge earthquake. The only thing make her happy is with her friends: the dorky actor Carter, the diner manager Rhonda and her diner family, and Austin Ames, who is the star football player and her e-mail buddy who does not know who Sam is and vice versa.

Do really fairytale has a happy ending? The Romance started when her chat mate Austine Ames invited her to a masquerade party, but her step mom Fiona against to come her in to the party, but with the help of her friends, wearing Rhoda's wed gown masquerading into the ball. But in limited time, she need to go back to the restaurant, around the night, she kept out revealing herself to Austine. As she go before time get into late, she dropped her cellphone and picked up by Austine, instead of shoe, similar story she left her cellphone, and this prince never stop until he never see his princess.

With the cast : Jennifer Coolidge, Dan Byrd, Regina King, Julie Gonzalo

Theme song:"Now You Know written and performed by Kara DioGuardi. It features on the soundtrack being sung by Hilary Duff